My name is Amanda and I am the founder of Fox Valley Stables.
We may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you come across a website for a horse stable, but we sure are something special!

At Fox Valley Stables we house a rather large collection of model horses. These models include; Artist resins, Peter Stones, and a whole bunch of Breyers.
Our focus has shifted from Original Finish (OF) Plastics like Breyer to Artist Resins (AR), especially Akhal-Tekes, sculpted by individual artists from all around the world.
Slowly, we are selling the Breyers and sending then to new pastures as more and more ARs join the herd.

I began collecting models avidly when I was about seven years old. Each year I would add more horses up until recently when I stopped collecting Breyer horses.
Family and friends caught on that a Breyer was the way to go if they were looking to treat me to something special. Fast forward to married life and I’ve got an amazing husband who supports me and this crazy hobby!
As someone who has always been interested in art, I was fascinated by artist resins. The high price tag kept me away for quite some time but after I began receiving lower and lower quality OF horses, all I could see were the factory flaws and my excitement for them vanished.
It was time to move off to bigger and better things and bite the bullet!

In 2015 I purchased my very first artist resin, Nitro. Nitro is a fantastic mustang gelding sculpted by the talented Kitty Cantrell. Kitty was easy to work with with and made my first buying experience a breeze, plus it didn’t break the bank!
Before Nitro was even finished I had received my next resin and the rest is history!
Now I have a collection of twenty or more resin horses and I can’t stop! I went to my very first open show early 2018. Region 10 is full of some pretty amazing people and super impressive models. I can’t wait to continue showing with them and adding to my collection even more.

I have started a studio page on Facebook and have been working hard to customize my own models. I hope to progress to a point where I feel confident enough in my work to being selling. I will not do commissions as I know myself all too well and I know that I can not meet deadlines and often loose motivation for spans of time.
Once I have models to sell I will do so using MH$P.

Come and learn about the horses of Fox Valley Stables. Here you’ll find photos as well as descriptions of each of the horses.


Come and learn about the process of customizing and finishing your own model horses. We’ve gathered tutorials from artists across the world and saved them here for quick and easy access.